Alien Skull Found


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December 21, 2012:
New alien-like skulls discovered in Mexico.



Alien-like skulls found in Mexico, revealed on December 21, 2012, show that the practice of cranial mutilation went further North than previously recorded finds, and also that the practice itself may have led to deaths in children. The cemetery in a Northern Mexican town known as Onavas, was 1000 years old. This is the first time the practice was discovered in Sonora, which indicates that some cultural practices from the South had made their way North, either through trade or conquest.

Where was the alien skull found?

Alien world abuzz with theories about skull

A skull found in Peru appears to have alien characteristics, according to extaterrestrial researchers. The large-headed mummy found by an anthropology team has been declared to be otherworldly by Russian and Spanish doctors who have supposedly examined the remains.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Because there are only a few pictures of the alien skull right now it is hard to prove whether the skull is genuine, or human, or not human.