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October 1, 2013:
Get your alien skull masks and skeletons for Halloween. Just in time for the end of the world: alien skulls found in Mexico.


Cranial Deformation:

Among the Maya and many Pre-Columbian cultures, the practice of deforming skulls by placing chilren's heads in "cradles" or binding them with cloth was a common way of shaping skulls to look more elongated. Similarly, when children are first born their heads are elongated and it may be easier to preserve this shape by keeping the head from rounding out with normal development. What this kind of cranial shaping does for the brain is anyone's guess, but it isn't recommended unless you want your kid to look like that blue woman from The Fifth Element.

Why does a child's skull look like that of an alien?

Mummified skull has tantalizing clues about humans, why they mah think of alien appearance.

Alien SkullA Newly discovered find in Mexico has people concerned once again about "Alien-Like" skulls and the fear that a hybrid race of human-alien life was down in Mexico, building pyramids, and providing the basis for bad Indiana Jones sequels that end with corny lines like "knowledge was their treasure!" As it turns out, these skulls are more associated with the cranial deformation fad that went on back in the day, and while these skulls look unusual, they are really 100% human, although there may be some concern about how the Indigineous people of the Americas treated their children, and whether any pain was involved. The concern about specially filed teeth also makes it seem like being a native before Columbus (who brough his own brand of atrocities) might not have been a walk in the park. The burials in Mexico show 17 children between 5 months and 16 years, and suggest that the cranial deformation process turned out to be fatal. The skeletons did not have any signs of disease, though you can't always tell what is going on from skeletons. The practices of dental mutilation and cranial deformation were widespread in Central and South America for thousands of years, and the importance of this discovery is that it shows that this practice went much further North than originally discovered.

A new discovery in Peru has the alien science world in an uproar, since the elongated and triangular skull, with large eye sockets, appears very similar to descriptions of beings from people who say they were abducted by UFOs. The discovery of a so-called Alien Skull in South America also has anthropologists curious about how far skull-altering behavior may have gone among pre-colombian peoples. The overly elongated nature of the skull itself, and the wide sockets, as well as the length of the mummified body are generating interest in the scientific as well as the paranormal world, and hopefully some useful insight into Indian culture or alien contact will be made over the next few years.

Notes and Special Information

Special note:Wait for the DNA testing to see if another disorder led to the alien skull appearance.